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A Voice and Beyond is a podcast hosted by Marisa Lee Naismith, PhD. It has been inspired by Marisa’s own personal and professional journey within the music industry as an award-winning singer, voice teacher, voice researcher, and music industry mentor. It is focused on the singing voice community and it takes a holistic approach to the singing voice. The podcast will be focused on topics related to personal growth, self-care, and personal development.

“We all know that as singers, our whole body is our instrument. And our instrument echoes everything that we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am going to help you learn how to optimize your ‘instrument’, take care of your ‘instrument’, and take charge of it, and help you become your best every day!” Dr Marisa Lee Naismith.

Episode #7 – Dr Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher: World Voice Day Celebration of Collegiality, Collaboration & Community (Part 2)

Gillyanne and Jeremy candidly share their philosophies on a “one size fits all” and a “one method” approach to teaching singers. They believe these approaches do not take into consideration the student as a human being who has a spirit, emotions and physicality, and is not just a larynx. They stress the importance of a multi-faceted approach when working with [...]

Episode #6 – Dr Gillyanne Kayes & Jeremy Fisher: World Voice Day Celebration of Collegiality, Collaboration & Community (Part 1)

Together, Gillyanne and Jeremy are known as Vocal Process, the ‘power couple’ who have come to truly understand how collaboration, collegiality and the sharing of information can super charge your teaching and create momentum within your studio business. In this episode, they define their distinct roles within their business model and how the combination of their complimentary skills, along with [...]

Episode #5 – Dr Jenevora Williams: Giving a Voice to Vocal Health

Today’s guest is Dr Jenevora Williams, a passionate pedagogue who shares her unique insights into the teaching of singing and the training of singing teachers. Over the years, Jenevora has received international acclaim from the voice community for her pioneering work into the training of young singers. In this episode, Jenevora discusses her keen interest in vocal health and [...]

Episode #4 – Donna Cameron: How to Break Free from Stress and Anxiety

As a society, we’re full of stress and anxiety and these issues can consume us. Often it is our thoughts, our situations, both past and present as well as worrying about the future that can become extremely overwhelming. So how do we recognise when we are feeling stressed or suffering from anxiety? How do we address these issues when we [...]

Episode #3 – Master your Mornings & Win Back Your Days

Everyone wants to have successful outcomes each and every day. But how do we do this? First we must set up our days with a morning routine that helps us develop a healthy mindset which will ultimately lead to us achieving our best lives. This episode uncovers the three important habits you can cultivate as part of your morning [...]

Episode #2 – Dr. Elizabeth Blades: My Journey of Self Care

Welcome to this episode in which Dr Elizabeth Blades takes us on an incredible journey as she opens up and gives us an honest account of some highly personal challenges she has been confronted with during her life. Elizabeth describes her regime of self-care and how this program of self-care was crucial to her healing journey in the midst [...]

Episode #1 – Introducing A Voice and Beyond with Dr Marisa Lee Naismith

In this episode, Marisa introduces her new podcast series as she shares her incredible personal and professional journey which led her to create this show. Marisa tells us of her profound desire to help others in the singing voice community and how this was inspired by her own commitment to self-care, personal development and personal growth. Marisa reveals how [...]


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