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Welcome to A Voice and Beyond. This podcast is dedicated to self-care, personal development and personal growth targeted at the voice community. In the interview rounds, you will be inspired by healthcare practitioners, voice teachers and music industry professionals who will share their stories, knowledge and experience in their specialized fields. In the solo round episodes, my goal is to help you as a member of the voice community learn how to increase your levels of focus, productivity, confidence, energy and change your mindset to live your best life and best serve your students.

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#118. Teaching the Child Singer with Dana Lentini – Part II

Today’s guest is Dana Lentini. This week on A Voice and Beyond, we have part 2 of a two-part episode with Dana Lentini, a noted pedagogue who is an expert in teaching the child singer. In today’s episode, Dana delves deeper into some of the methodologies she has developed for training young singers. Dana describes some of the pathways [...]

#117. Teaching the Child Singer with Dana Lentini – Part 1

Today’s guest is Dana Lentini. This week on A Voice and Beyond, we have part 1 of a two-part episode with Dana Lentini, who is a noted pedagogue and the author of Teaching the Child Singer: Paediatric Pedagogy for Ages 5-13. Dana is an expert in teaching methodologies for this age group, and her articles and podcasts have been distributed [...]

#116. Are you Dealing with a Narcissist?

This podcast episode is deeply personal to me but I just had to share it, because I am over the trap of dealing with a narcissistic. This is a personality disorder in which people have an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. A narcissist charges through life as though everything they embody, from their ideas, to their pursuits, to their [...]

#115. The Business of Making Money from Your Creative Industry with Miriam Schulman

Today’s guest is Miriam Schulman. As someone from the creative and performing arts industry, I know that the business and side of what we do, is often the most challenging and most overlooked. Our finances are geared towards investing in professional development with a specific focus on improving our skillset and talent and there is little or no investment [...]

#114. The Mindfulness of Singing with Denise Bernadini and Toni Crowder

This week on A Voice and Beyond we welcome the two brilliant voice teachers behind “The Mindfulness of Singing” – Dr Denise Bernardini and Toni Crowder. Between them, they have over fifty years of experience, teaching private voice lessons at a university level, as well as within their own private studios. Dr Denise Bernardini is a sought-after clinician, teacher, [...]

#113. Perfectionism – It’s Time to Cut Yourself Break

Are you someone who often has trouble with things like starting new projects, or making decisions? Do you believe that everything has to be perfect before you can share it with the world? Do you feel like you can never trip up? Perhaps you suffer from perfectionism, and this is a real thing, which is crippling for all those who experience it. If [...]

#112. Unlocking our Own Extraordinary with Patricia Crisafulli

Today’s guest is Patricia Crisafulli. Our guest this week on A Voice and Beyond is Patricia Crisafulli, who is an author, New York Times Bestselling Storyteller, communications consultant, and founder of http://FaithHopeandFiction.com. As a former journalist, Patricia has been published in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, as well as the Christian Science Monitor. Patricia tells us that as a [...]

#111. An Integrative Approach to Vocal Wellness with Megan Durham

This week's guest is Megan Durham. Our guest this week on A Voice and Beyond, is Megan Durham who currently serves on the voice faculty at the University of Louisville. Megan works as a Singing Voice Specialist, partnering with laryngologists (ENTs) and speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to habilitate singers, actors, and professional voice users who have experienced vocal injuries. Megan [...]

#110. 3 Ways to Flex Your Authenticity Muscle

Over the past few months, many of my guests on the podcast have spoken about the importance of authenticity, and honouring our most authentic selves. It seems to be a hot topic that is constantly coming up in my interviews, whether I’m speaking with a singing voice teacher, a healthcare professional, a business coach or a relationship expert. They all stress [...]

#109. The Simple Truths About Being Loved with Humble the Poet

This week’s guest is Humble the Poet. This week on A Voice and Beyond, I am thrilled to introduce you to Humble The Poet, a Canadian-born rapper, spoken-word artist, poet, internationally bestselling author who began his career pathway as an elementary school teacher. Humble has since been featured on major media outlets all around the world and has a [...]

#108. Popular Musics Singing and Pedagogy with Jess Baldwin

Today’s guest is Jess Baldwin. This week on a Voice and Beyond, we welcome the multi-talented Jess Baldwin, who is a creativity and artist coach, contemporary voice specialist, indie soul singer-songwriter and producer, as well as the owner of True Colours Voice and Artist Coaching. Jess has also created Singing in Popular Musics, which is a centralised space where voice teachers [...]

#107. Time to Stop Feeling Stuck and Just Get on With It!

Do you feel stuck or in a rut? Instead of moving forward, it feels as though you are trapped in a pothole. You appear to be living what most would call the perfect life, but deep down, you still feel unfulfilled. You may have a good job, a great relationship, a beautiful family and amazing friends, but you feel stuck, and [...]

#106. The Secret to Good Health and Vitality with Neil Cannon

Today’s guest is Neil Cannon. One area of self-care we can all do better at, whether we want to admit it or not, is nutrition. When it comes to nutrition, we're all too eager to ignore the evidence and yet nutrition is undeniably a major contributor to our quality of life, and longevity. If this is an area of [...]

#105. On Broadway with Jacob Starks

Today’s guest is Jacob Starks. What I love about the entertainment business is how everyone has a story to share and everyone’ s journey is so unique. This week on A Voice and Beyond, we introduce you to Jacob Starks, who is a singer/ dancer currently performing in the cast of Aladdin on Broadway. I am so excited to [...]

#104. Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Are you letting fear hold you back from the life you dream of or the person you dream of becoming? Life is so demanding of all of us, and there will be bad days and setbacks. It’s all about how we deal with it. One of the best ways to move through life is by letting go of fear. Don’t let [...]

#103. From Songwriting to Developing a Popular Music Program with Caleb James Part II

This week we welcome back Caleb James. This week on A Voice and Beyond we continue delving into the world of Popular Music education in academia, as we release part two of our two-part interview with our guest, Caleb James who is a Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Music at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University and is the Course [...]

#102. From Songwriting to Developing a Popular Music Program with Caleb James Part I

Today’s guest is Caleb James. Over the past few weeks on A Voice and Beyond, we have been delving into the world of Popular Music education in academia and this week we will continue on with some of that discussion with our guest, Caleb James who is a Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Music Program at Queensland Conservatorium, [...]

#100. 4 Self Lesson that have Elevated My Life

This week, I am so proud and very excited to be launching our 100th episode of A Voice and Beyond. Since releasing my first episode in March 2021, there have been a number of shifts in the show’s format, the show’s target audience, and the show’s content, but most importantly, the podcast has made a difference to many of the listeners [...]


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