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Welcome to A Voice and Beyond. This podcast is dedicated to self-care, personal development and personal growth targeted at the voice community. In the interview rounds, you will be inspired by healthcare practitioners, voice teachers and music industry professionals who will share their stories, knowledge and experience in their specialized fields. In the solo round episodes, my goal is to help you as a member of the voice community learn how to increase your levels of focus, productivity, confidence, energy and change your mindset to live your best life and best serve your students.

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#140. A Flexible Body Creates a Flexible Mind with Kassandra Reinhardt

This week on A Voice and Beyond, we welcome Kassandra Reinhardt. Kassandra is a Yin & Vinyasa yoga Instructor, a YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers, a published author, and the face behind Yoga with Kassandra. In this episode, Kassandra begins by discussing her journey into yoga. She was an 18-year-old dancer who suffered from anxiety and body image [...]

#139. Building a Million Dollar Voice With MzLyndia – Part 2

This week on A Voice and Beyond, we share part two of my two-part interview with Lyndia Johnson. Her celebrated abilities as a vocal coach and in artist development are both highly respected in the music industry. Lyndia, also known in the Music Industry as “MzLyndia”, has built a relationship with the Recording Academy which has become a long-recognized [...]

#138. Building a Million Dollar Voice With MzLyndia – Part 1

This week on A Voice and Beyond, we are very honored to have Lyndia Johnson as our special guest on the show. This is part one of a two-part interview with Lyndia, who is known in the Music Industry as “MzLyndia.” MzLyndia is not your average singing teacher and vocal coach. From touring with major artists to collaborating with [...]

#137. The Problem with People Pleasing

In this week’s episode, we are discussing people pleasing, a problem that most of us struggle with. A "people pleaser" can best be defined as someone having a strong desire to please other people even if pleasing others comes at their own expense. What most people do not realize is that when they are saying yes to someone else, sadly, there [...]

#136. Taking the Side Road with Link Forester

This week on A Voice and Beyond, we have a most delightful conversation with our special guest — Link Forester. In this interview, Link shares his rare blend of humility, faith, and a good sense of humor, all of which have enabled him to grow and move through the trials of becoming a parent much earlier than planned, a risky [...]

#135. Embodying the Whole Singer with Danielle Soccio

Our special guest this week on A Voice and Beyond is Danielle Soccio. She is a Melbourne-based singer, voice teacher, speaker, and creator of the Awaken Your Voice Program. In this episode, Danielle began by telling us about her longstanding professional career as a touring, musical theatre, cabaret, and TV circuit performer and how she started to fall apart [...]

#134. The Art of Doing Nothing

In this week’s episode, you and I are going to have a conversation about the one thing you need to do this week. And there's a reason why you and I are going to talk about this today, and it’s because I know you need to hear this. We are to discuss the importance of learning the art of doing nothing. [...]

#133. A Healthy You with Joshua DeTillio

Our guest this week on A Voice and Beyond is Joshua DeTillio who is the chief administrative officer at Gulf Coast Medical Centre, as well as, an adjunct professor at Florida Gulf Coast University. Based on his sixteen years of experience in healthcare and hospital administration, Joshua was inspired to design an essential how-to guide on building and maintaining [...]

#132. Opening the Door to Collegiality and Community with Dr. Jenevora Williams

Our guest this week on A Voice and Beyond is Dr. Jenevora Williams, who returns to the show to speak candidly about her teaching career, from her early teaching days and the journey that has led to where she is presently in her role as the Co-Founder of Vocal Health Education. She has earned the respect of our voice community [...]

#131. 3 Ways to Stop with the Poverty Mindset

Did you know that the desire to have more money and to eliminate debt, are both rated in the top ten list of personal goals people aspire for? If you find yourself constantly worrying about your financial situation and don’t know how to make a shift from being broke to having an abundant lifestyle, then today’s episode is for you. No [...]

#130. Pleasure is my North Star with Sloane

This week on A Voice and Beyond, we have the most delightful guest, Sloane. She is the Founder of Beyond The Edge Retreat – a transformative, peak experience for professional women. This was one of the most insightful interviews I have ever had with so many brilliant and life-changing pearls of wisdom being shared by Sloane. She begins by [...]

#129. How Voice Science Meets Practice with Dr. Brian Gill – Part 2

This episode of A Voice and Beyond is proudly sponsored by Vocal Health Education. Dr. Jenevora Williams and Stephen King are the founders of Vocal Health Education, and they’re coming to Australia in January 2024. VHE has trained over 2000 people in a holistic approach to understanding people and their voices. Are you interested in the whole person and how a variety of [...]

#128. How Voice Science Meets Practice with Dr. Brian Gill – Part I

This week on A Voice and Beyond, I am thrilled to be speaking with Dr. Brian Gill. This is part 1 of a 2-part interview with Brian, a world-renowned educator, singer, voice researcher, and founder of Gill Mindful Voice Training. At present, he is a Professor of Voice and Voice Pedagogy at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. In [...]

#127. Five Ways to Avoid Burnout

Today we’re going to talk about burnout, so I want to ask you – Are you feeling lethargic and struggling with productivity lately because mentally, you’ve been feeling absolutely exhausted even before you start to work each day? Well, if this sounds like you, it may well be that you are suffering from burnout. And yes, this is a real thing. [...]

#126. Live Your Authentic Life Through Human Design with Dr. Veronica Anderson

This week on A Voice and Beyond, we welcome Dr Veronica Anderson. As an intuitive guide and relationship coach, Dr. Veronica brings a unique blend of medical and spiritual expertise to her clients. She began her successful career as an eye surgeon after graduating from Princeton University and Rutgers Medical School. However, Dr Veronica discovered that despite her success [...]

#125. The Voice as an Energetic Instrument with YogaVoice Part 2

Today’s guests are Kristin Roney and Mark Moliterno. This week on A Voice and Beyond, we welcome back to the show Kristin Roney and Mark Moliterno for part two of their two-part interview. Mark and Kristin are highly trained classical singers with very successful performance careers, and together they form YogaVoice®. It is a unique pedagogical program that combines [...]

#124. The Voice as an Energetic Instrument with YogaVoice Part 1

Today’s guest is Kristen Roney & Mark Moliterno. As voice teachers it is important, we have a healthy balance of being open to different modalities that can help our students communicate who they truly are in the most authentic way possible. This week on A Voice and Beyond, we welcome Kristin Roney and Mark Moliterno, who formed YogaVoice® together. [...]

#123. How to Stop Viewing Your Life Through A Distorted Lens

Today, I talk about those aspects in your life that create a distorted lens and prevent you from finding the joy, contentment, and success you desire. It’s crazy how easily we can be seduced by those thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve us, especially around things such as inadequacy and lack. These stories we tell ourselves suggest that we are viewing our [...]

#122. Living My Unimaginable Life with Shirin Etessam

Today’s guest is Shirin Etessam. This week on A Voice and Beyond we welcome Shirin Etessam, who is an entrepreneur, author, as well as, a transformational speaker. Shirin has built a massive reputation as a seasoned and highly successful media executive and has produced numerous films, original television series, and specials. In this episode, Shirin begins by sharing her [...]

#121. A Masterclass in Managing Vocal Health and Well-being in Singers

This week on A Voice and Beyond, I am so excited to announce that we have quite a treat for you as we replay a "tease" from three of my favourite guest interviews. This throwback episode is a masterclass to help raise awareness around how we, as voice teachers, can manage some of the most common issues relating to the care [...]



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