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Marisa has been commercially active in the contemporary commercial music (CCM) industry for over 45 years as an award-winning vocalist, singing teacher, voice researcher and industry mentor. Marisa is presently employed as a voice teacher in the Bachelor of Music (Popular Music) at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University and Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School. In 2019, she was awarded a PhD based on her investigation into the emerging field of contemporary commercial music (CCM) singing voice pedagogy. As a result of her research, Marisa has identified a foundational pedagogical framework for the training of CCM singing voice and the findings of this study have been presented at conferences including ICVT in Stockholm, The Voice Foundation’s Care of Professional Voice Symposium, in Philadelphia, PEVOC, in Florence, and Copenhagen and ANATS National Conference, in Hobart and Leura. Marisa has co-written an article which was published in the Journal of Singing for Jan/Feb 2020 and has an academic textbook scheduled for publication in late 2020. Many of Marisa’s students have enjoyed national and international acclaim as professional performers and as singing teachers with successful teaching careers.

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Episode #1 – Introducing A Voice and Beyond with Dr Marisa Lee Naismith

In this episode, Marisa introduces her new podcast series as she shares her incredible personal and professional journey which led her to create this show. Marisa tells us of her profound desire to help others in the singing voice community and how this was inspired by her own commitment to self-care, personal development and personal growth. Marisa reveals how the name of the podcast, A Voice and Beyond, is deeply connected to her philosophy towards the singing voice. She explains “Singing is a higher form of self-expression. We all know that as singers, our whole [...]


Voice Training

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith has 30+ years experience training singers across all contemporary commercial music (CCM) styles. Marisa believes that every singer is unique and lessons are focussed around the technical needs, requirements, music preferences and skill set of the individual student. You can read testimonials from her past students by visiting the Voice Training page.

Professional Development

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith applies her wealth of knowledge & extensive industry experience to provide workshops, seminars, presentations, master classes, webinars, mentoring sessions and one-on-one professional development opportunities to voice professionals, teachers, emerging artists & the greater voice community.

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Dr Marisa Lee Naismith is presently employed as a voice teacher at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. Marisa is a proud member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), Association of Popular Music Education (APME), The Voice Foundation, Australian Voice Association (AVA) and Golden Key Academic Society. Marisa served as the Queensland Chapter President and a board member for the National Council of the Australian National Association of Singing Teachers (ANATS) from 2013 – 2021. Marisa is a proud contributor to the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre (QCRC).

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My underlying philosophy is one of relevance, accessibility and inclusiveness in how I lead & serve my teaching voice community. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have regarding your voice or should you require any of my professional services, whether you are an individual or representing an organisation.

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