Today’s guest is Peter Edwards, a natural therapist, who has dedicated his life to teaching others how to heal their bodies as well as their minds, after he had his dreams of competing in the World Roller Skating Championships shattered. Peter suffered a serious spinal injury in a surfing accident and despite seeking advice from various medical and health care professionals, he found little help for his chronic condition and sadly he continued to live in severe and constant pain. Peter shares that for the first time in his life, he experienced the bitter taste of depression and desperation. Based on a recommendation from a friend, Peter visited a natural therapist as a last resort and the results were life-changing.

This incredible experience inspired Peter to become a natural therapist himself, when he learnt that given the chance, the body can heal itself and it was possible for Peter to cure himself of his injuries. He explains that by supplying our mind and body with the right biological conditions, we can experience the incredible healing and regenerative power of our own body. This is a remarkable concept that has been long forgotten in today’s modern world. Peter shares that many of the patients who visit him are suffering from chronic pain or 21st-century diseases that are being triggered by a negative mindset, poor lifestyle choices and the impact of technology. He breaks down each of these key concepts, and offers us the seven key secrets to staying young and healthy, successful and sexy, all of which he has used successfully with thousands of patients. Peter teaches us how to awaken our personal power and take back control of our lives and our health!

In this episode

01:08 – Episode Introduction

3:48 – An introduction to Peter and his profession

9:26 – Peters impact on my family through his work

11:26 – The science of iridology 

13:30 – Electromagnetic sensitivity 

22:42 – Increase seen in stress due to covid

26:54 – Helping patience shift their mindset and improve their health

29:34 – 7 secrets to staying young & healthy, successful & sexy

31:24 – The reason and logic between starting treatments with a detox

43:15 – Why are people so hesitant to help themselves?

51:46 – How do we learn to heal ourselves?

Episode Transcription

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  00:10

Hey, it’s Dr. Marisa Lee Naismith here and I’m so honoured to be sharing today’s interview round episode with you, listen and you will be inspired by amazing healthcare practitioners, voice teachers and music industry professionals who will share their stories, knowledge and experiences within their specialised fields to help you live your best life every day. As singers, our whole body is our instrument and our instrument echoes how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. So don’t wait any longer, take charge and optimise your instrument now. Remember that to sing is more than just learning about how to use the voice. It’s about a voice and beyond. So without further ado, let’s go to today’s episode. In today’s episode, we speak with Peter Edwards, a natural therapist who has dedicated his life to teach others how to heal their bodies as well as their minds. After his dreams of competing in the world Roller Skating Championships were shattered. Peter suffered a serious spinal injury in a surfing accident. And despite seeking advice from various medical and healthcare professionals, he found a little help for his chronic condition and sadly, he continued to live in severe and constant pain. Peter shares that for the first time in his life, he experienced the bitter taste of depression and desperation. Based on a recommendation from a friend, Peter visited a natural therapist as a last resort, and the results were life changing. This incredible experience inspired Peter to become a natural therapist himself when he learned that given the chance, the body can heal itself, and it was possible for Peter to cure himself from his injuries. He explains that by supplying our mind and our body with the right biological conditions, we can experience incredible healing and regenerative power of our own body. This is a remarkable concept that has been long forgotten in this modern world. Peter tells us that many of the patients who visit him are suffering from chronic pain or 21st century diseases that are being treated by negative mindset, poor lifestyle choices and the impact of technology. He breaks down each of these three key concepts and offers us the seven key secrets to staying young and healthy, successful and sexy, all of which he has used successfully with 1000s of patients. P to teaches us how to awaken our personal power and take back control of our lives and our health. You won’t want to miss today’s show. So without further ado, let’s go to today’s episode. Welcome to the show, Peter Edwards. We have known each other for about 25 years. And we met rather strangely, I know that sounds a bit sinister, but my husband had a cafe. And you used to come to the cafe every day and order lasagna, a vegetarian lasagna and sell it. And that’s how we met. I didn’t know exactly what you did for a living. All I knew was that you were some sort of health care person and a natural therapist. I really wasn’t sure what that was at that time. My mother in law used to call you the witch doctor. And she still does. So Peter, please let us all know let the listeners know what you do and what your specialisations are.

Peter Edwards  04:43

Thanks for Thanks for having me. And yes, I did go down and get a vegetarian lasagna and seller and a cappuccino and everyone will be lined up into a very successful cafe. That will be back back to the door and I’d put my hand up would you say come on through Peter. No. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. I got down the front Got my meal I’d ordered by the phone and coffee, turn around and walk through all these people lined up when it gets served and eat it out front watching reading the paper had a good time then going back to work, okay. I’m a Holistic physician. I was an apprentice carpenter when I was 17 years old. I had an accident which finished my sporting career Rosie, currently the roller skating champion of Australia wearing for the world titles. Yeah. And I was also the taekwondo champion. It was my future was in a professional sporting life. I had an accident at Bain beach I head battle a sandbank and almost broke my neck. I went to doctors, our practice osteopaths, everyone who I thought would help me I was told I’d never do sport again. The injury was very bad. I continued my apprenticeship in a lot of pain. And after 18 months, I was very desperate and depressed. I can tell you pulling muscles. It didn’t get any better. But I didn’t stop work. And I didn’t give up. I was referred to a naturopath. And I said in my mind referred to a naturopath and she said, I said what’s a naturopath? She shows she said I think it’s a doctor who’s a hippie.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  06:14

That sounds like you!

Peter Edwards  06:17

It does, it does this naturopath bet my neck. He said you’ve got a very bad case of acne. I’d had cystic acne for three years under a skin specialist with three years taking very powerful drugs. My hair fell out and my mother and I didn’t know why. It turns out that drug is a chemotherapy I was on for three years wasn’t row cause. Now it wasn’t it was before then it was a tetracycline. And he put me on a detoxification diet. And I stopped the drug. And without any exaggeration, and I’ve written 16 books and the stories in the books that week of my life, the cyst, the acne stopped more, more than that. The detox diet did more for the neck problem I’d had than any other treatment I’ve ever had. And I very quickly had a moment of truth and realise that what have I just done? There’s something in there. So I studied I started studying to become a naturopath. I studied part time to finish my apprenticeship off to pay for it. And I graduated, and I didn’t just stop at no job with AI. I have a I ended up getting a PhD in health science. Wow. And also, I published 16 books and made seven documentaries. And I was awarded a Doctor of Letters from the University for my publications. And I specialise in nutrition diet. I’m a senior level personal trainer, and therapeutic yoga teacher. I did major honours and counselling. So I’m a holistic practitioner. Now if I couldn’t help, I’d refer you to someone, but usually, I can get down to what’s causing the problem. And that’s I think the big difference to a lot of practitioners these days, particularly medical, they’re treating symptoms, not causes. As you know, you came to me in a in a real fight or flight desperation night and I was able to look in your eyes. And what your child’s eyes at that time and see very clearly what the problem was. Yes. And I must say I do do Iris diagnosis. It’s been fantastic for me. My wife and I we own a health retreat. We’ve been doing this for 20 years. 

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  08:28

and it’s beautiful, in Mudgerabar overlooking Surfers. It’s absolutely stunning up there.

Peter Edwards  08:36

Yes, my clinic and lounge room overlooked the Q1 we’re actually higher than Q1 observation deck, which I like to drop it and brag with. Yeah, but we own this. And we own this because what I do has worked very well. I’ve had a great career. I’ve retired a couple of times, but that’s not for me while I can help people flick the switch and help them change their lives improve their lives. I think I’ll do this as long as I can. That in a controlled way. Yeah, worked out but so far to imagine got burnout far too many times. So we work three days a week we’re writing another book on wellness, awareness and conscious vibes.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  09:13

Of course you are unlocked. Yeah, I have to share because there’s probably a lot of people that think all this natural therapy stuff is a little woowoo. And, look, I didn’t really know too much about it. But you’ve helped a number of my family members. First up. Ashley, my youngest was only two years old. And she was in a really bad state. This child would always cry at night. There was always something underlying going then all of a sudden she started to almost cook. She was read the whole of her outside of her body was read and she looked like she’d been sunburned, and she’d never even been out in the sun. I remember it was Christmas Eve. This is really emotional because it was one of those moments like I was desperate. And I remember ringing you and going, Peter, I don’t know what to do, and you had already shut the clinic for Christmas. But you could hear the desperation in my voice. And you said, Bring her over. And yeah, like within two days, I had a completely different child, her moods completely changed. She was sleeping properly. She’d stopped crying out of pain, or whatever else was going on. And her she completely cleared up. And all you did was look in her eyes. You changed her diet, eliminated certain foods, if I remember like highly acidic foods, some sugars, you can tell the rest of the story. But then later, my two grandsons, you’ve also helped both of them have been to doctors skin specialists, paediatricians both with severe eczema. And I said to my daughter, you’ve got to take them to Peter. And she did. And those kids were fixed to you, you fix them of they’re cured them of their eczema now. So I believe in what you’re doing. You’ve helped me with digestive issues that I’ve had going on. But let’s start at that first step, we come to your practice, and you look in our eyes. So tell us about iridology.

Peter Edwards  11:46

It’s a science and it shows you the iris shows you the chemistry structure, and function of the human body on a cell level. You can see if you’ve got too much acidity, you can see the pituitary gland, the hormone secreting glands, thyroid digestion, you can see a fermentation purification in the guts. You can see metabolic waste coming out the skin causing rashes, you can see my I’ll be honest, that’s one of the reasons the medical don’t like it, because if you take a drug, you can see the effect of the drug which is affecting person adversely. And of course, I don’t want to hear that. It’s a science that works. I do send for blood tests or hair analysis occasionally. But to be honest, I’ve been practising for 44 years. It’s very rare to have to send away for test usually you can pick it up all up in the eye. Many times a person will say after I’ve given them the consultation, you haven’t told me more in 30 minutes than medical tests have shown me in 18 months. I hear something like that quite often. That’s so works. I’ve had a great career, I’ve had a very successful career, and still going and enjoying it and walking the talk. I stand for something rather than fall for anything. I think a natural health lifestyle is great, although, you know, I’m not perfect. My wife and I’d enjoy a drop of red probably too often. Okay. That’s that’s long, isn’t it?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  13:01

Yes. And so when you’re seeing your patients, you’ve been practising for 44 years, has there been an increase in a particular disease or a problem? Over that time? That something that you didn’t used to see so much back then? Are you seeing is that becoming prevalent now?

Peter Edwards  13:27

Yes, and no surprise, first of all, mental illness dementia, very, very common these days. And a few years ago, I graduated as a certified brain health professional because so many people suffering from degenerative brain disorders condition. So I did research and studies in American graduate for that, but just now, the last 24 months, there’s a phenomenon working throughout the world. And I’ve seen it in my patients. I’ve researched it and it shows to be one of the biggest problems in the world today. And that’s electromagnetic sensitivity. I actually developed tinnitus ringing in the ears, and I traded it and traded it, it didn’t go away. And then I did the research. The most common symptom of electromagnetic sensitivity is tinnitus. And I realise we had just got wireless connected to the television. My comfortable chair was right in the middle of that. So I bought I did the research. I did some courses again, virtual America, and I bought two Geiger counters. And I was able to test what was happening with my body. So I moved the bed and I changed things around and improved significantly. And also I’ve had a couple of patients that weren’t improving one lady that comes to mind. She’d been to doctors. She had a very bad circulation problem lumps in her neck. I gave her a detox diet. It went away but it came back which showed me I’d missed the causative factor. With a lot of questioning it turned out. She was charging her husband’s phone and her phone in the room next door. Whether slept, but on a bench, which is next to the bed where she sleeps. So those two phones charging was affecting her electromagnetically causing a problem. So we removed the phones, it all went away. And also to I treat people, for instance, with the new electric cars. I won’t mention her name, but a very popular car. A lot of people that have bought those cars can drive them really feeling sick. And it’s because of a very high Yes, yes, well, we’ve got a new car, we’ve got a new sports car. And I took these in there. And it’s pretty high, because everything’s computerised. And as well as these days, but we’re not in the car. 24/7. So we like the sports car and we use it, it’s fantastic. Of course, yes. But the new the new electric cars have very, very high Electrosmog dirty electricity, plus new smart houses. They are causing problems. So someone who’s electromagnetic sensitive, and I must say you’re not born with that it’s acquired, the more you’re exposed to it, if you’re susceptible. So I’m treating people I go to their house, sometimes I take these, some people have a power board under their bed, they’re sleeping on top of they have their phones next to their head where they’re sleeping and charging. Some have Kilty solar panels very low on the roof, all that has to be effect adjusted. And right now in America, they’ve got very good courses showing physicians around the world, how to diagnosis and treat that. And it’s very interesting. And it’s very real, because as a health professional, I could get people on the right diet, the right exercise the right mindset. But if they are exposed to electromagnetic field, which is making them sick, they won’t fully recover, and long term will probably get worse. So that’s what I mean to holistic. I’m trying to cover the bases.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  16:49

Yes. And and it sounds like you’re, you’re keeping up with technology as well. And it’s really interesting. You talk about the tinnitus, because on a lot of the singing teacher forums, as I’m reading that teachers are developing tinnitus. I mean, I’ve had it my whole life because I had ear problems as a young child. And then I think standing in front of sound systems, when I was performing all those years probably hasn’t helped. But in the last 1218 months, since COVID hit, we’ve all been working online. So we’ve all been attached 24/7 Almost to our computers with either headsets, the air pods, earphones, so are all those harming our health.

Peter Edwards  17:40

If it’s plugged in and connected, not so much. You see the people who have liked the grommets over the years without any cords. If I put this up to one metre away from it and bring it closer, you’ll see go crazy. And that’s harmful. One of the most common cancers in the modern society now is Chairman behind the ear. And would you believe a malignant tumour on the breast in women because so many women on it, I run and I see girls wearing their phone down their bra, you don’t do that. It’s very, very common. In fact, I’m writing the new book, I’m talking about that in it because no god meditating, if you’re irradiating your breast every day, so if that is important,

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  18:20

so how can we avoid that we all need to be on our laptops, we all have Wi Fi, we’re depending on the internet, to for our living for our livelihoods these days. How do what can we do to help that

Peter Edwards  18:37

there’s a lot you can do. First of all, we had our bedroom isolated so at nighttime, we can flip the switch and all the electricity to the bedroom is turned off. So we have no electrical field around us where we’re sleeping. Also to we move the bed, it turns out where we were sleeping, we must had a lot of electrical conduits behind that wall. Since we’ve moved to the other side. We don’t get that anymore. We’re having the NBN installed into our street right now coming to our house. There is a company in Australia that manufactures safe devices or for instance, my phone electromagnetic safe. Oh, it says face away from body so it’ll still receive calls and texts. But when I’m speaking, I’m not getting zapped. Now when you see people walking on it. That’s not good. You don’t put your phone up to your ear that’s old. There’s a new adult attachment you can plug into here which of course is a little bit excited. A lot of people they’re very sick, you can have a practitioner come out and they can test your house is your home. Keeping cordless is going away from cordless is important. Like the old cordless phones. They’re very strong. They’re saying distance is our friend when it comes to electromagnetic distance is our friend. The more wireless you have, the more complications you can have and the the new cars are showing that and the new smart houses are showing that very clearly off and it’s interesting America, Germany, England, Russia, they’re having e m f, electrical, electrical, magnetic fields, Ward’s now completely free. So there’s no electromagnetic contamination, because there’s certain people that are proven, they have that contamination. So they have to be in a hospital ward with no electromagnetic fields. And that’s where they get better.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  20:26

Wow. Yeah, yeah,

Peter Edwards  20:27

I have a, I have a letter from my doctor stating that I’m electromagnetic sensitive. So this when, when the NBN arrives here, I’m getting special equipment, which is completely sealed, there’s no leakage of radiation, which is because routers are very strong. So the equipment I bought, it’s not expensive. It’s really just a substitute for what they supply. It doesn’t leak out electromagnetic fields. And that’s good. Very good, particularly to if you got young children, they receive the effect much more than the adults because their skulls are thin, also to four of interest. The testes, the male test is in the female ovaries have no protection against electromagnetic fields, and is well known around the world now sperm counts and write down. Yes. And just very briefly, I have another patient who 30 years old, just finished university, he keeps his mobile phone in his right back pocket. He went bushwalking. He’s jumped off a rock, He’s landed and he broke his hip. His whole right hip is full of osteoporosis, where his loved ones born. And it’s from the phone. He’s kept it there for years in his right hip. Right.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  21:43

So it sounds like the more we advanced as a society, then the more that we’re seeing new diseases and new problems being created with every advancement.

Peter Edwards  21:57

Yeah, that’s particularly true with technology. Technology is great. It makes it a lot easier to do a lot of things. But you’ve got to keep the human safety, research up to technology. We’re doing things now which are not good for us. Until recently, the Australia’s main Telstra had on their website, 5g, it is harmful to the environment, it is harmful to people and animals. Now, that’s modern technology. It’s not good for us. So and also, if you go into detail about mobile phones, you’ll see especially keep it a certain distance away from you, when nobody knows that. No, yes, we’re heading into more problems like that. Since the COVID. There’s been a lot of stress. I’m treating a lot of people who are very fearful because of what’s happened. The lockdowns, they were fearful of the disease, but actually, I’m orthomolecular nutritionist, vitamin C, and D has proven 97% successful around the world for preventing COVID and trading it that’s being censored. It’s not allowed on mainstream media. So that can remove the fear there. And of course, I’m treating a lot of people who are worried about getting the job because it is an unknown scientific area. It’s new technology. Yes, a lot of people are worried about that as well, which and rightly so. So there’s a lot of stress in the environment. At the moment, which we have to trade I’m doing I do a lot of counselling. I do what’s called a psycho message. I’ll get you on my table. And I’ll be pressing certain parts of your body which have memory, there’s a saying, body remembers what the mind forgets, and loosening that up and accessing it producing a dialogue. You can bring out and identify areas of fear, or stress, or self sabotaging mindsets, and you can deal with them. You can give mental resources to overcome them. And that’s big. That’s real big. Because sometimes it’s not what you’re eating. It’s What’s eating you.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  24:02

Yes, actually, I was listening to a podcast this week, and it was a neuro psychologist. And she was talking about the brain and the mind. And she was saying, if you don’t have the right mindset, you can go to the gym. You can eat all the healthy food that you want. But your body is not going to digest those foods properly. And basically your workout in the gym is is not going to be effective. either. You have to go in with the right mindset. You have to have the right mindset when you’re eating those foods. Is there value to that? Oh, I’d

Peter Edwards  24:42

like to talk about that. It’s been truly said there’s an intellect on all levels. Our body is made up of a community, a community of cells, they’re loving and they’re communicating, and they’re all being guarded by what’s going on in the mind. If you’re stressed out we’ll have a battery sense of fear or anxiety that affects you metabolism, digestion, assimilation, respiration, elimination, everything. The mind is the main computer of the whole body. That’s where the psycho massage is very good. A lot of people in today’s society are limiting their metabolic function, their functionality, how they’re feeling, and creating a life experience less than it can be because of a mindset, which isn’t serving them in a positive way. And that that’s what I deal with is wellness, very real. Marissa, I’ve known you for years, you come for a treatment, you are a fun person, you’ve got a great mindset, stay positive, you find you look for peaceful positive solutions the same as me. It’s a pleasure to meet a person like you. But I’ll tell you what, not everyone’s like you. People come in and their their fear or they’re got their victim, which is a big problem. You’re not a victim, these scars are, can be turned into stars, and they’ve had that experience for good reason for their learning. And if you survive it with the right attitude, you come back with diamonds from the darkness, so long as you handle the right attitude. Yeah. As you know, being a victim is not healthy, and it can create more of the same.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  26:19

Yes. And to be fair, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t deal with victims very well. Because I think in life, we all have a choice. And it’s up to us to make the choice, you know, in with every failure or with I mean, even how you look at failure, it’s an opportunity to learn if things don’t go the way that you want them to. It’s because it wasn’t meant to be and there is a bit something better out there or greater out there. I mean, it’s always having that kind of mindset, isn’t it? How do you change a person’s mindset when someone comes into you? Let’s just say I’ve come into you, and I’m a victim. I’m Oh, woe is me. I call them all means. owe me life and all my kids and owe me everything. So how do you treat an army?

Peter Edwards  27:16

Well, the technical term for them is plums, Pl o MSI, little old may syndrome. Okay, well, first of all, you look at their eyes, and you ask them, How can you see that there’s digestive problems because stress negative emotion inhibits the production of digestive enzymes. And that’s just where it starts. So you ask how’s life and you require people to be honest with you. And if they’ve got issues which are negative, I get them onto my table face up. And I just feel their abdomen, the gatehouse of emotion, the upper abdomen. Did you know it’s been proven? There’s more neurotransmitters in the abdomen area than in the brain?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  27:57

Is that around the solar plexus area? Great. That’s, that’s like one of the chakras? Yes, it is. Okay.

Peter Edwards  28:06

And what what what we do I start a dialogue from there. And of course, it’s usually a new patient, I’ve got the time for it, I can identify we can bring out information that shows me very clearly that there are suffering because the victim attitude or poor attitude, now I recommend their book in for a psycho massage. So I give them the advice on the diet, which is important. Removing causative factors which we’ve seen, which is important. I’ll have them come back to psycho massage, which is really a therapeutic massage. They’re getting into memory in the body and producing a dialogue. Now, with meditation, you can distract the mind conscious mind, and you can get the deeper part of the awareness come out. It happens in a psycho massage. I’m actually feeling these muscles, causing a bit of pain identifying its type, I distract the mind and in the dialogue that can bring our staff which has really been on their mind. And you can identify, you can deal with, you give them resources, if so long as they want to help themselves. You can give them resources. Now, I read the book, which you read seven secrets of staying young and healthy, successful and sexy. I remember you coming in years ago, and you said yeah, I didn’t know you were such a wise man. Do you remember that? Yes.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  29:19

I just I just thought you were a witch doctor, like my mother in law told me no. Joking.

Peter Edwards  29:25

Well as doctor who actually are actually professor, I was a professor five years, but I joke about that. That’s fine, so long as they get good results. Who cares?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  29:32

Yeah. See, that’s it. So okay, seniors were brought up that book. And there are seven secrets. Are you willing to share any of them with the listeners today?

Peter Edwards  29:45

Sure. I can do that. Well, only because I know you so well. Otherwise, I’d want a commission on all the benefits I get from this. Okay.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  29:53

Well, we’ll give them a t so then they’ll go and buy the book.

Peter Edwards  29:57

I liked this. Okay, we can Do this again next week with another book can’t wait.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  30:02

Okay, every week a new book that’s like 16 episodes.

Peter Edwards  30:07

Oh, that’s good. And each one will get better. We know that don’t want. Okay, now that seven secrets of staying young and healthy, successful and sexy number one, you got to eat properly. No matter what you do, there’s a saying I like nutrition is not everything. But without nutrition. Everything else has nothing. If your diets poor and you’re not digesting your food, your chemistry is going to be wrong. Now. It’s your systemic chemistry that governs your structure, your body and your function your brain. And I must add this because it’s very important. You don’t hear this much these days. It’s not only what you eat, it’s what you digest. A lot of people aren’t digesting even good food that’s fermenting. putrifying producing endotoxin going into the body, neurotoxin going into the head. Now, if they’re doing that, and you can give them good counselling, it’s not going to work. You got to get the chemistry right. So you’ve got a foundation to build on. So that’s the first secret it sensibly. Yes.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  31:07

And when people come to you, I know a lot of like, every family member that you’ve treated, one of the first things is to look at diet, and the also the detox that you put people on. Yeah, so what are you hoping to achieve with the detox?

Peter Edwards  31:29

That’s a great question. It’s like pressing a restart button in you metabolically and digestive Lee. Most people that come in these days have accumulated systemic acidosis too much acid which is promoting their bones causing headaches. During a good detox. It sobers you up physically and mentally, you feel like your feet are on the ground. It says it sorts out of a lot of digestive issues because this is more than just a detox. I have three formulas I’ve developed developed over the years once a probiotic for your small intestine, which improves your capacity to digest food. The second two are brilliant ones. Anabolic one’s catabolic, the great the catabolic cleanses, detoxifies, it works on your liver, spleen, hollow organs, kidneys, the other one, the red one is anabolic. It helps you carry oxygen and iron in your blood. So clarity of mind, energy, the two of them, brings it detox into a detoxification revitalization. Do not just detox, you’ve got to come out of that feeling revitalised? So that’s what I give. And really, if you read my book vitality, people who have had so called incurable diseases, that fitness story have got better from doing the detox following a good diet following that. And of course, sorting out causative factors. No one’s going to get better if there’s causative factors in your life that you don’t remove. And that’s where I come in, I’m usually pretty good at sorting out what’s causing the problem.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  32:59

Yes. And that’s what I like about coming to you is that you don’t put a bandaid on the problem, you kind of rip the band aid off and have a look at what’s underneath it and and take care of it from the inside out. Whereas with doctors and traditional medicines, they’re just kind of putting a cap over it,

Peter Edwards  33:22

how they trained in chemistry, and these days more than ever before modern medicines just using drugs, drugs have their place. But heck, there’s a whole lot of room to find out what’s causing the problem.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  33:35

Yes. And I’m taking you away from your book only because and this is what happens to you and I every time I come to see you, we end up having these big chats because you’re so interesting to talk to. And you’re you have so much knowledge. So what about number two in the seven secrets?

Peter Edwards  33:54

Okay, that’s exercise, regular exercise, a well organised weekly exercise programme. I believe in resistance training. The whole muscular system is now considered an organ. And it’s been proven Dr. kellgren. United States of America has documented had it published. Your ability to digest food improves almost 60% with a well planned exercise programme. You’ve got three sorts of exercise, you’ve got resistance training in a gym with weights. You’ve got a robic cardiovascular that’s on a stationary bike, jogging, running on a bike. That’s good. That’s important too. And you’ve got stretching and breathing. That’s very, very important. I’m a therapeutic yoga instructor. Stretching and breathing is fantastic. It’s like figure skating, it gives you a body, the nurturing from the base, you need to be well, and the international language for age isn’t calendar years. Its stiffness, the stiff you’re getting. All the bodies getting stretching is good, but I love aerobics. We’ve got a trend mill here. We live on a high hill. I do a couple of ran this morning. Do a couple of runs a week. And I do gym three times a week. Yes, I do my whole body. Yes. If you’re feeling fantastic.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  35:11

Yes. And it’s interesting you say that the breathing and the stretching is important, because that’s the part that nearly everyone skips

Peter Edwards  35:20

Yes, I’ve had people come to a healthy trade and they say the gym junkies all that good work good Tom the gym. But when we get them down there that they’ve never been taught how to breathe properly in the gym, because when I discovered therapeutic breathing and how to apply it to my my exercise, it revolutionised everything. Okay, so much more as well as the mental high. And I have a gravity trash machine where I can go back and forth upside down. After my workout in the gym, I put on my I have a programme I listen to inside. And I meditate for 1012 minutes, going backwards and forwards. And I’m in an ideal state. I’ve had a great workout physically, I’ve been breathing correctly. And now I’m focused and I have some of the greatest meditations I have just going backwards and forwards, natural hi from breathing and exercising and enjoying it being focused. Obviously, if I wasn’t thinking about what I’m doing in gym, it wouldn’t be like that. Yet, mind you in my office, I can have the same meditation experience. But I’m pumped up with oxygen after the gym in Iran. Yes, it has been an exercise. Ventilate, the whole body gives you oxygen. Oxygen is a pure brain food. And it’s a potent detoxifier as well. So exercise is great. I can go on about that or go to number three.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  36:37

Let’s go to number three. Let’s do a tease.

Peter Edwards  36:41

Okay, well, number three is fantastic is this is really getting good is how to have a positive peaceful poise frame of mine. And I love that word poised. It talks about your mindset gives you mental exercises of how to achieve peace in this sometimes over busy, crowded world. Okay, so that talks about that. Number four talks about being organised. The first law of Heaven is order. Without balance we toddle off into space, the world will just shoot out away from the sun would all die, balances everything. And I’ve talked about how to organise your lifestyle into a style that serves to bring out the best vision of the greatest version of yourself. So that’s important, you got to write it down. Well, I’m skipping chapters Now later on in the sequence is journaling. As affirmations. Journaling is very powerful. You just don’t write down I did the washing up to not know like you. Sometimes I’ve written we’ve had a good session together, I’ve given you a treatment. And I’ve got in a big, yellow bit. But that’s good. Great time with Melissa. And, and with some of the concepts conversation with her have been interesting. And I’ve made notes, really, and from those, and from the notes, I expand on them. And in my gym or meditation afterwards, I write very well in my journal. The Journals are powerful, your subconscious mind is moving. Sorry, your mind is moving so fast. Your subconscious can’t keep up with it, so it doesn’t know what to do. And as a child, you’ve only got to show what to do. And it’s a ghost driving mechanism, it’ll go towards that. So when you write it down, you’re slowing it all down. So SABIC conscious can see it. Press the enter button and follow up and all the sell side. What are we doing? And subconscious thing is good. It’s all good. We can do this. It’s all positive. And they all function better. There is an intellect on all levels. That’s a true saying, and it comes from the mind. So yeah, that’s, that’s number five. Number six, is getting a lifestyle that serves you a lifestyle that served you. And I must go to number seven, because that’s the most important. It’s a more spiritual, yes, being aware of who you are, what you are, choosing the highest good for your highest self and the highest good for all concerned. That’s more about being aware. Being aware, being conscious, living let live, again, being the best version of the greatest version of who you were born and born today. Yes, I like that.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  39:31

I appreciate everything that you’ve just said. And I understand. There’d be a lot of people listening to that, and they would be asking themselves. How do I fit this into my life? Because everyone is so stressed out, everyone’s maxed out. everyone’s lives are in chaos. And even just having an organised life at the moment is so hard. So how would you recommend that people implement all those things. What would be an what would an ideal week or a day look like?

Peter Edwards  40:09

Well, that’s where you get a copy of my book, the 12 week rejuvenation plan.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  40:12

Oh my gosh.

Peter Edwards  40:15

It’s a day it’s a one day to a page for for 12 weeks. And at the end of that, at the end of those 12 weeks has happened. And you’re feeling great looking great. lost weight, put on lean muscle mass reshaped, identified, redefined who you are. But that being serious, you’ve got to write down your plan. In that seven sequence book. I’ve got a daily plan. You get up in the morning, and it’s got through till you go to bed at night. You must keep it simple. Remember the kiss approach? Yes. Yes. Keep it simple, stupid. Yeah. Yes. So you plan out your day, plan out your week. It’s very important. I always plan out your week. Now good running out of food and just grabbing something quick. Plan out your food the whole week, Saturday or Sunday, get it ready by so I was here with your day. Did you know Earl Nightingale was my mentor I actually studied under him. He was my mentor, the Dean of development. He was interviewed by a large corporation in America. And they were they knew they had potential to do greater work better profits, but they didn’t quite know how to get there. He said one simple thing. Each night this is to the owner and the CEOs write down the most important things to do tomorrow, in order of importance priority. Do them. He says don’t pay me, just send me a check what it’s worth if it does anything, if you think it’s worthwhile. Within six months, you’ve got to check in those days, this is going back a long, long time. It was an enormous amount because of the productivity they improve. So that’s what you do your write down. Here’s my now I still use. Diary. You Yes, planning seconds. I wrote down important stuff at nighttime. I haven’t planned it here on my computer, of course. But I write things down and I plan you can do if you’re well organised, you can do more in three months, and you can do and you can do more in a week, then you can do in a month. If you’re well organised. Most people aren’t getting up with just going through the motions, getting up dealing with stuff, going to bed, repeating it the next day. When you organised you can succeed and you succeed the plan, but it requires that golden word you’ve got to organise and plan to hit

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  42:25

yes. And it doesn’t hurt to to have like a morning routine. That’s something that I’m really big on. Because I find the way that I set up my morning really dictates how my day is going to go. So for example, I like to get up in the morning. I like to meditate. I like to move my body. I like to write in a gratitude journal. And so I take two hours before I leave the house, which for some people, they would go well, like that’s ridiculous. But it does help. We’re not by the time I get to work. I’m feeling excited about the day I’m energised, I have a good frame of mind. So I don’t think that that’s such a big deal. Why are people so hesitant to help themselves? What’s going on with our society?

Peter Edwards  43:22

Well, first of all, look at you. You’ve just said what you’re doing the morning. Look what you’re achieving. you’re a high achiever, and you’re powering through into your advancing years. This is fantastic. You know, success and beauty are good things for young people. But But look at us, you know, I’m in my 60s. My wife’s in her 70s he just graduated as a nutritionist in the 70s. Yes. similar mindset. Marissa, you’ve got a great attitude. But I’ve got to say something. You’ve left something out in my book seven secrets. I say. The beginning Have a great day starts the night before. i Yes, you tell me. Yeah, tell me what you do at nighttime. I remember you saying you you. You’ve done all your stuff. You can’t remember the nice week pack behind your head. He goes through some goals. It’s very positive what you told me, and then you go to bed and sleep like a baby. Well, that sets you up.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  44:17

Yes, positive beginning. Yes. Well, I must say that if I don’t disengage from technology, whether it’s my phone, you know, looking at social media. I’m wired up. So I do have a process of going to sleep at night time and I even set an alarm an hour before I meant to go to bed to remind myself that I’m going to go to bed in an hour and to start winding down. For Slade, you hear

Peter Edwards  44:49

that? That’s wisdom. That’s simple wisdom. I like that and you’re doing that look at what you’re achieving during the day. And I was going to say The higher powers are in the early hours. Yeah, getting up early, no distractions so you can focus. I’m the same. I have my exercise in the morning, not ready for clinic, my meditation already clinic. I’m focused. I’m there. I’m in this one eternal moment right here. And now with all the energy of the universe inmate shining out ready. whoever walks through that door, they’re gonna cop it. Yeah. Yes.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  45:27

And just another thing that I just wanted to quickly touch on, is, you know, this, everyone seems to be either dairy intolerant, gluten intolerant. You know, there’s problems with sugar. We see more of that now. Because nearly everyone you speak to there’s there’s different, like, there’s Crohn’s disease there. Celiac, there’s irritable bowel syndrome. We never used to hear of these things before. Are people becoming more allergic? Or have we always had these allergies?

Peter Edwards  46:08

That’s very good. Let’s answer one of those questions at a time there is more inflammatory bowel disease now yes, there is. It comes from what we eat. But you know, what causes that more stress? Yes, stress affects the bowel and also two eyes did speak to one consultation about the thyroid, then the thyroid gland is the emotional gland. Now people don’t know that doctors don’t know that they certainly don’t teach that. When I treat a person with a digestive problem, we look at everything but we made sure the Thor was working properly in charge of metabolism, digestion, assimilation, elimination, inflammatory bowel diseases happening because they’re not digesting the food. It’s fermenting Pooja from becoming acidic, and irritating a wall of the colon or small intestine becoming inflamed. Now if you can improve the digestion settle the head down. Yes, and there’s very, very good anti inflammatory Herbes, which were marvellously not got and acid powders, which are natural, which get all that acid away, and it’s very, very quick. with inflammatory bowel disease. It’s a product of diet, a lot of sugar. People don’t digest gluten and dairy. Well, these days, I must say, in 2001, I presented to a medical university, my thesis for PhD on non celiac gluten intolerance. Even though a lot of medical doctors don’t agree with it, a lot of nutritionists don’t. It’s real. I prove it. It’s real about great testimonies of people that recovered. If even I could give you your listeners a challenge. If you change to a gluten free bread, gluten free pasta, you’ll lose weight Easy, easy. So many girls tell me it’s so much easier to hold their weight now because they’ve just gone to gluten free and lactose. So many people find lactose is fermenting making lactic acid and causing them stiff, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, stopped the lactose change that to a bond soy or a non dairy milk. You’re much cleaner clear in the head, you’re not fermenting making acid. It’s real. Not everyone has to change. But I would say more than half the population will benefit if they had no gluten. No dairy.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  48:18

Well, I’ve been having gluten free toast every morning for a long time. And I find there’s a difference. When I have gluten I definitely bloat and when I have dairy, dairy, I use the word I’ve become constipated. So that there the way you know, I’ve just figured that out. And just leading to another question where we’re almost at the end here. But I know you believe that we are our own best healers, and that we can learn to diagnose for ourselves. What’s going on in our bodies? How do we do that?

Peter Edwards  49:04

Good question. I must say before we move on with that question, you get the comment of you don’t need gluten and dairy. No, I’ve been your health position for years. You get on to my table, I loosen muscles in your neck by hanging upside down sometimes. I’ve told you this before. You have got one of the most the best bodies for your age I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh, that’s from a good attitude. And I’d say that sincerely. Not nothing take you there. You’ve got a lovely physique and well toned. You’re not overweight. You’ve got a good attitude. You eat sensibly, and you’re actively engaged in your passion. You’ve got stimulus, you’re doing something right. And you’re cheating. And now I can’t see that stopping. That’s a wonderful thing for a physician to see. Thank you for doing it. Right. You’re doing it right. Okay. Yeah. What was the question? I just want to throw that in.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  49:57

Okay. Oh, no, thank you. Can I just say one thing? I tell you one of the things, just, you know, you are so kind in what you just said. But for me, I believe that we’re only here a short time. So why would you want to waste a day? If why would you want to be sick? And why would you not want to take care of yourself, like I get, I get annoyed if I’m feeling slightly off, I don’t want to feel that way. So I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen. Because you know what, we’re here a short time, and we want it to be the best time and that is my attitude to life. So that’s what drives me.

Peter Edwards  50:44

versa. That’s fantastic. Now, that’s what most people get after doing a detox. They’ve had a chance to reset their body. And for the first time in years, sometimes for the first time, they have a sense of a new lease on life. That’s what a detox often does. You’ve had that naturally, which you’re blessed with, some people are going to work with it. But that’s everyone’s right birthright. You don’t have to have the plans. You can change it around. It depends on decision you want to make and where you want to go with your life. Yes. So we’re, we’re completely responsible for our own life. We are learning all the time by how we think it sound as a creative instrument. We’re creating our own life experience.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  51:25

Yes. So what I asked before was, we have the power to heal ourselves. Yes, yes. I know. That’s something that you firmly believe in. And you do have a book about that. And about rejuvenation. So how do we learn to heal ourselves? How do we build that intuition?

Peter Edwards  51:52

Fantastic. Hello, my God. Let me summarise

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  51:56

that. for it.

Peter Edwards  51:57

Here we go. Important. Here we go. This is where self awareness is very important. Now, everyone listening, listen to me. Don’t outsource your health, to a doctor or anyone else. Become aware of yourself. Take responsibility for your own health and life, your own future. You create it you were make decisions and choices and we’re not perfect. It goes back to setting up a lifestyle journaling. What do you want? What do you really want? I think having one to know what he wants very important. Writing down your goals and plans like Marissa obviously does. That’s important to becoming self aware. Don’t rely on drug possible drugs have let’s say someone like me, a good holistic physician who can get you right in died, exercise mindset inspire you flick your switch, you asked before what I do with people that are have a victim mentality, I get inside their heads, I flip this switch. That’s what you need. Now, if you can catch that vision and start journaling, and there’s a few, my book 12 week rejuvenation plan, I’ve got mind exercises, they’re very helpful. It shows you how to self talk. And default back to a negative mindset. It’s easy. That’s a cop out. And some glide and it doesn’t work. It’s more of the same. You have exercises which teach you to reset with something that is positive, peaceful employees means my calmness is my power. My calmness is my power. And that’s having confidence in yourself and faith in yourself. So being aware and seeing a physician, like me who’s more interested in your lifestyle, rather than just flicking you a tablet, or next to the person next?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  53:51

Yes. And you just mentioned the word anti depressant. And there was somewhere where I heard that any medication that has an anti in front of it is something that’s not good for you that it’s just masking the problem. So you if you have an antidepressant, or if you have an antibiotic, or I don’t know, there’s

Peter Edwards  54:17

anti inflammatory, anti histamine. Yes,

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  54:20

all of those things, that they’re not that good for you long term or short term. Can you fill me in a little bit about

Peter Edwards  54:29

it? I’d like to. Yes, I’m a certified brain health professional. A couple of years ago in our country, Australia, there were 20 million prescriptions written for antidepressants. 20 million, and there’s only 23 there were 10 23 million people in Australia. That’s bad. That’s bad. In a medical seminar I did. The doctors were instructed, if they have a patient, it’s not improving. You put them on an antidepressant. Mm hmm. If they object to that, you record that as a difficult patient encounter. So I’m hoping things have changed, but they’re giving antidepressants far, far too easy. Now as a nutritionist, I’ve got a mood elevator, which is made of amino acids and it brings your mood up. It does much the same thing without addiction without any cause of concern. Anti Inflammatory is good when you need it for pain, but you just can’t stay in an anti inflammatory, you’ve got to remove what’s causing the problem. Something’s wrong. That’s the first law of biology. Yes. So that’s a good point anti you must not up the ante here. But what’s causing it.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  55:37

And on that note, there was there was a an issue with my daughter, my youngest daughter who’s a professional dancer, and she was experiencing pain. And we she went to an orthopaedic surgeon, she was going to physios to osteopaths, she was having MRIs, CT scans, X rays, you name it, and they couldn’t see anything wrong. They could not find anything wrong with her, but she was in pain. So they put her on anti inflammatories. And then it was mum speaking up saying, I think it’s time you go and see Peter Edwards. And in that first consult, and this is after quite a number of months. What did you find was wrong with her? Do you remember?

Peter Edwards  56:30

Yes. She was abused by her mother.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  56:41

For you to come.

Peter Edwards  56:46

Alright, I will tell you I found out I found it was causing problem again. As well as being a holistic physician. I do bodywork. And it wasn’t hard for me to find out where the problem was. And you were in the room. I was ma’am. Come along for the concert, that first treatment. I found it. She has. That’s it. And I was the first person that had found that since then has been a success story. She has been much, much better. And it’s alleviated a lot of anxiety because she didn’t know what the enemy was. There’s a saying I have, if you can understand what’s causing the problem. You’re more than halfway to successful, lasting outcome. Yeah, and we did that first time she came, I found it. I made notes. She came back a few times we got better and better. And even now when she is travelling overseas in a wonderful career. She has found she has told the therapist, what to do. Yeah, and it’s alleviating the problem. And I must say your daughter’s a beautiful girl and she’s a dancer. And it was such a pleasure to treat her after treating her when she’s just a little baby. And now she’s such a magnificent person, marvellous physique, a true dancer, I was really impressed to see her her shape or form. It was great.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  57:58

If you had to prescribe something for longevity if there was just one thing, let’s try and just what would be the best thing that people could do for their longevity right now?

Peter Edwards  58:13

Well, Hippocrates said Let your food be your medicine. Also let your lifestyle be a medicine now in that it’s got everything. Oh, that’s clever, because regularly positive peaceful poise frame of mind. Be happy. Hey, if you got if you feeding someone, let it go Forget it doesn’t help anyone, let alone yourself. So let your lifestyle be your medicine. And that’s what you do need someone like myself, who’s trained in the natural healing arts not just giving medicines, but the natural healing arts?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  58:44

And final question, if there was one food that we’re neglecting from our diet right now that you believe we should all be eating or consuming that would help our overall health. What would that be?

Peter Edwards  59:03

I don’t have one food but I’ve got a lifestyle. Heavy BlueZone diets, no blue zones or areas in the world where most people live over 100 They have no cardiovascular disease like no cancer. Now, these zones are people who who live predominant and whole food plant base. They do have some fish, they can have eggs, eggs, very good protein, better, better cheese. I have a bit of red wine, but it’s imbalanced and they’re very healthy people. So whole food plant based is very good. That’s really what we couldn’t put it down to a food but I’m a herbalist. If you want a herb which is fantastic for your hormones and your head panics, dancing. It’s fantastic. It carries oxygen to your brain. It works on you all of your hormone secreting glands. It’s fantastic good for everything libido, mindset, everything.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  59:57

That’s excellent. Now we’re going to wrap it up there. And I’m sure I will be seeing you sometime in the near future because I like to come in and have a regular check, just to make sure everything’s working the way it wants it needs to be. Now, if people want to find you, we’re going to share all your links to your books and to your website in the show notes so that people can reach out to you if they have any questions, or if they want to have a consult with you. And look, thank you so very much for today. It’s always a hoot. Spending time with you. We always have a laugh and, and I know I’ve always got 50 million questions when I see you. But I do appreciate you taking the time out of your practice today to spend time with our listeners. So thank you very much, Peter.

Peter Edwards  1:00:50

It’s been an absolute pleasure. And I must say too, as a patient over all these years, you’ve been a delight to treat. You’re a good patient, you you do what I asked you to do, and it works. Hey, anyone listening look at Marissa have a look at her. She’s she’s in great shape, and but she’s in great shape on all levels.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  1:01:09

I do my best. You’re doing a good job.

Peter Edwards  1:01:11

Thank you. It’s great to be

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  1:01:12

here. Okay, thank you Peter. Take it easy. Hey, I hope you enjoyed this episode of a voice and beyond. Now is an important time for all of us to spread positivity and empowerment in our singing voice community. It’s time for you to invest in your own self care, personal growth and education. Use every day as an opportunity to learn and to grow. So you can show up for your students feeling energised, empowered, and ready to deliver your best. Be the best role model and mentor you can possibly be and watch your students thrive as you do. Thank you so much for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed it, please make sure to share it with a friend or a colleague who you think will be inspired by this. Copy and paste the link and share it with the people you think will enjoy listening to this show. Please share it on social media and use the hashtag a voice and beyond. If you would like to help me please rate and review this podcast and cheer me on by clicking the subscribe button on Apple podcast right now. I would love to know what it is you enjoyed the most about this episode. And what was the biggest takeaway for you? I promise you there are many episodes to follow as I’m committed to bringing you more inspiration and conversations just like this one. I’d like to finish up with my final thoughts. Remember that to sing is more than just learning how to use the voice as singers. Our whole body is the instrument and our bodies echo what we feel physically mentally and emotionally. So singing is not just about the voice. It’s about a voice and beyond. Please take care of yourself and I look forward to your company next time.