Tranquility has been described as the new modern-day luxury, and peace of mind is something that we can all gift ourselves. However, the problem is that most of us don’t know how!! In life, you cannot rely on the randomness of the world and the randomness of life to bring you joy. Every day you need to spend time planting the seeds of a healthy, positive mindset in the soil of the day ahead. You won’t feel positivity by accident. You need to set the intention and take those actions in your life. You need to activate a healthy and joyful mindset. Peace of mind can come at no cost, and you can achieve this state of tranquility by having a regime of taking your MEDS every day to help you maintain a positive mindset.

In this episode, I am going to prescribe the MEDS that will help make the shift you need for a more joyful and positive mindset. I promise you, you won’t have to visit the drugstore, you won’t be out of pocket, and there are no side effects, just the shift you need to experience the joy of life. Such experiences can have transformative effects on your quality of life so that in the moments that matter, you’re able to anchor down and go for it.

In this Episode

1:09 – Introduction
2:44 – Peace of mind by taking your MEDS
4:35 – M is for Meditation
9:41 – E is for Exercise
14:31 – D is for Diet
19:15 – S is for Sleep
24:38 – Conclusion


Putting yourself first is important because it allows you to prioritize your own needs and well-being, which in turn can help you be more productive, creative, and fulfilled in all areas of your life. By taking care of yourself first, you are better equipped to care for others and contribute positively to the world around you.



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Episode Transcription

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  00:00

Hi, it’s Marissa Lee here, and I’m so excited to be sharing today’s interview round episode with you. In these episodes, our brilliant lineup of guests will include healthcare practitioners, voice educators, and other professionals who will share their stories, knowledge, and experiences within their specialized fields to empower you to live your best life. Whether you’re a member of the voice, community, or beyond your voice is your unique gift. It’s time now to share your gift with others develop a positive mindset and become the best and most authentic version of yourself to create greater impact. Ultimately, you can take charge, it’s time for you to live your best life. It’s time now for a voice and beyond. So without further ado, let’s go to today’s episode.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  01:09

Tranquillity has been described as the new modern-day luxury, and peace of mind is something that we can all gift ourselves. But the problem is that most of us don’t know how!! Are you one of those people who feel that your ability to deal with stress, anxiety, mental fatigue, and mental focus is dictating how you show up in life each and every day? When you step out into the world, are you consumed in all the stress and anxiety and this is impacting your mindset?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  01:59

Every day brings with it a new set of challenges and we need to have the mental stamina to deliver our best, stay focused and feel vibrant and energized. It’s important for us to learn how to centre ourselves amidst the anxiety and the stress of life’s challenges as well as the struggle of having a bad day or a bad week. So how do we go from angst to ease, from chaos to clarity? How do we stay centred, even in times when we feel we don’t need to?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  02:44

Peace of mind can come at no cost and you can achieve this state of tranquillity by having a regime taking your MEDS every day to help you maintain a positive mindset. I am not talking about prescribed medication here, but the kind of self-care treatment you can’t overdose on and you can use every day so that in the moments that matter, you’re able to anchor down and go for it.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  03:21

In life, you cannot rely on the randomness of the world and the randomness of life to bring you joy. Every day you need to spend time on planting the seeds of a healthy positive mindset in the soil of the day ahead. You won’t feel positivity by accident, you need to set the intention and take those actions in your life, you need to activate a healthy and joyful mindset.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  03:54

In this episode, I am going to prescribe the MEDS that will help make the shift you need for a more joyful and positive mindset. I promise you, you won’t have to visit the drugstore, you won’t be out of pocket and there are no side effects, just the shift you need to experience the joy of life. So what are these MEDS that I’m talking about?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  04:35

M is for Meditation

Meditation is a word that has come to be used so loosely and mostly inaccurately in the modern world. It can mean so many things to so many people. For me, I have to be honest, I thought it was for hippies, or those people who practiced an alternative lifestyle and lived in lala land. I thought it was some crazy mambi pambi woo woo thing. This is until I ran into trouble and I found that I was suffering from chronic anxiety and panic attacks. This was as a result of being in a high-stress state for a prolonged period of time a few years ago. I was working way too hard and there was no work/life balance. I was neglecting my needs, those things that bring me joy. I was running on adrenaline as I was juggling working full-time with completing a phD on a full-time load. I was in such a high-stress mode from pushing myself to the brink and this pushed me over the edge. I needed help! One of the first changes I made was to turn to meditation and it changed my life. I can honestly say that since starting to practice meditation each morning and I have taken control over my anxiety levels. You see, I am not the only one, we all struggle from time to time and we can get stuck in a terrible frame of mind and meditation can help us to achieve the peace of mind to help us get back to a positive mindset mode again. 

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  06:36

Meditation may be an ancient tradition, but it’s still practiced in cultures all over the world to create a sense of calm and inner harmony. In fact, it’s hard to believe that people don’t meditate even though there is so much science that supports the importance of meditation.

It is proven in the science that meditation helps people become more creative, less stressed, happier, and healthier in almost every area of their lives. So it’s not a spiritual thing just as I thought and as most of you might think. The research goes on and on as there are thousands of studies documenting its benefits, including how it can have a positive impact on our mental, physical, and emotional health. Meditation can increase our awareness, clarity, compassion, and allow us to feel a sense of calm. Personally, when I meditate, I feel like it’s giving me an inner vacation. It is so therapeutic!

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  07:57

The brain is the part of the body where meditation can really work its magic. This is because one of the most profound advantages of meditation is, that it is not only possible to change our mindset and perspective, but it can also physically alter our brains. Imagine that, it rewires them toward more positive thoughts and emotions.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  08:28

If you’ve never meditated before, the easiest way to begin is to sit quietly and simply focus on your breath. It’s best to start in small amounts of time, even 5 or 10 minutes, and then increase from there. So imagine that, just by doing some simple breath work, you will find stillness and balance to calm yourself.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  08:56

And it’s important to note, that some of the most important benefits of meditation make themselves known gradually over time and you are not going to feel dramatically different immediately. So whatever you do just, persist in your practice and you will find that meditation is a means of freeing yourself from the day-to-day problems that worry you. Then you are free to experience the joy of being fully present, here and now.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  09:41

E is for Exercise

Believe it or not, mindset and physical health are closely connected. No kidding — what’s good for the body is also good for the mind. Yes, and for me it is absolutely one of the major game changers. But how can this be? Well, regular exercise can shift your mindset by releasing feel-good endorphins, and other natural brain chemicals that can enhance your sense of well-being. I can’t begin to tell you how good it makes me feel when I those happy hormones are released after a workout.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  10:30

So incorporating some exercise or let’s use the word movement in case you are allergic to exercise, into your routine is critical for not only your physical health, but according to the research, regular exercise is directly linked to improving mental health too. Physical activity helps to take your mind off your worries so you can get away from the cycle of negative thoughts that feed depression and anxiety. I completely understand that when you are in a dark place, exercise often seems like the last thing you want to do. But once you get motivated, exercise can make such a huge difference.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  11:23

The good news is that you don’t need to lift heavy weights in the gym or run a marathon to reap the benefits of exercise, even things like walking in nature is linked to improving our frame of mind. No matter what, everyone has their own way to “recharge” their sense of well-being — something that makes them feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally even if they aren’t consciously aware of it. Personally, I know that nothing can improve my day as quickly as a brisk walk in the sunshine or doing my favourite reformer Pilates class. It’s not just because I enjoy these activities, but they also literally make me feel better and they help me clear my mind. Knowing what you can do physically that has this effect for you, will change your day and your life, I promise you!

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  12:29

You may be unsure how to get started or most importantly how you are going to stick with exercise. Well, just begin by trying out some different types of physical activities, the ones you think you’re most likely to do and then think about when and how you’d be most likely to follow through. For instance, would you be more likely to do some gardening in the evening, start your day with a walk, or go for a bike ride or play ball with your children after school? No matter what it is, find what you enjoy to help you stick with it.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  13:15

And then set some reasonable goals. Your mission doesn’t have to be walking for an hour five days a week. Think realistically about what you may be able to do and begin gradually. Tailor your plan to your own needs and abilities rather than setting unrealistic goals that you’re unlikely to meet.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  13:43

But whatever you do, don’t think of exercise or physical activity as a chore. If exercise is just another thing you “should” do in your life, you’re going to resent it. And be prepared for those setbacks and obstacles. We all have them!! Give yourself credit for every step in the right direction, no matter how small. If you skip exercise one day, just try again the next day. Stick with it. Your body and mindset will thank you for it!

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  14:31

D is for Diet

Guess what? A healthy, well-balanced diet can help us think clearly, feel more alert and give you a mindset shift. It can also improve concentration and your attention span. Conversely, an inadequate diet can lead to fatigue, impaired decision-making, and can slow down reaction time. There is also a link to depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and brain fog are also associated with what you eat.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  15:17

During the pandemic, people across the world were dealing with higher levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and an overall terrible mindset. So what did they do? They turned to their comfort foods such as ice cream, chocolate, pizza, hamburgers. You get the picture. But studies in recent years suggest that the sugar-laden and high-fat foods we often crave when we are stressed or depressed, as comforting as they may seem, are the least likely to benefit our mental health. Instead, whole foods such as vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and fermented foods like yogurt may be a better bet.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  16:17

Dr. Mark Hayman, who is one of my favourite speakers and healthcare professionals, calls himself the accidental psychiatrist because he discovered that when was treating people’s eating habits, many of these mental health issues disappeared. He discovered that by managing people’s diets, he was managing mental health as well. By fixing the body, the brain was getting better.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  16:51

So Dr. Hayman found that by feeding the body with whole foods and the correct nutrients the bodies and the brains began to heal and it was like miracles were occurring. So the body is so connected to the brain. So yes there is a mind/body effect when it comes to nutrition and that is worth fixing because you can so easily do something about this.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  17:22

The idea that eating certain foods could promote brain health, much the way it can promote heart health, might seem like common sense.  Fuelling your body with nourishing food is also so important and that means eating foods that help you flourish and not just satisfy your hunger. If you’re eating rubbish foods on a consistent basis, you are simply trashing your body and your mind. The other problem is that when we are not getting some of the most basic essential nutrients, it can lead to feeling mentally and physically drained, which is why experts say nourishing the body with healthy foods is so important. And be sure to engage all the senses as you enjoy your meal, taking in its colours, smell, texture, and taste. And make eating an important part of your day.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  18:26

And whatever you do, don’t blame the cost of good foods for not taking that important step to a healthier eating plan. People think that it’s too expensive to eat healthier but in fact, on average it costs 50c per day, per person to eat healthier, it’s been proven. So learning how to eat healthy and sourcing those foods. It’s about education and awareness more than it is about money. And besides, what price do you put on achieving a healthy mindset?

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  19:15

S is for Sleep

The other consideration is to ensure you are getting adequate sleep. This is so underrated and here we are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis globally. People are getting this so so wrong!

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  19:38

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our life, health, and longevity and yet it’s becoming more and more neglected in our society. And this neglect comes with devastating consequences.  Our lack of sleep can compromise our immune system, energy levels, performance outcomes, it stifles creativity, build tension in our relationships and put us in a terrible mindset. For me if I am sleep deprived, I become an emotional mess, I literally start crying at the drop of a hat. You can’t even ask me how I am and I will just break down and cry. And I have done that many a time before and every time it’s because I haven’t had enough sleep.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  20:36

So this lack of sleep is having profound consequences. And yet, the crazy thing is, that despite all the science and all the data around sleep, you still have people who argue with this science and say that “ohhh no, that’s not me, I only need 5 hours of sleep per night”. So these people may think that they don’t really need much sleep. Ok Yep, and there are those who are rich, successful, seemingly productive who only have five hours of sleep every night, but what if they were to have another three hours sleep? According to the research, every one of these people may feel ok, but by not having the required amount of sleep, they are actually in cognitive decline. Five hours of sleep is the same as having three beers! I know how I feel after two wines!!!

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  21:51

You see sleep time is recovery time. What happens to your brain when you go into a deep sleep is that it goes into like a dishwasher mode. It’s like when you load the dishwasher before bed and in the morning the dishes are clean. The dishwasher in your brain starts moving neurochemicals and dealing with the debris of cellular decline, that is the neuro transmitters that get used up, and it also deals with cortisol, that stress hormone. The only time this dishwasher in your brain happens is when you go into that deep sleep. So if you have had a sound sleep for the correct amount of time, you will find yourself sharper, smarter, and more creative in the mornings. I know I do! I always wake up with all these ideas, I feel more creative and that is because the debris of cell decay and the stress hormones have been dealt with. That is why after a good night’s sleep, you feel less or no stress in the morning, than what you do say in the afternoon.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  23:18

According to the Sleep Foundation, adults need between seven to nine hours sleep a night. So, if you have trouble falling sleeping, setting aside just 20 minutes in the evening to wind down can help prime the body for rest. We need to set the stage for restful sleep. Reading, journaling, or meditating are some of the ways to relax and power down before bed that doesn’t involve screens, which can get in the way of a good night’s sleep.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  23:58

Listen to your body and you will feel amazing after that sleep. Imagine how much more could you create and achieve. How much more successful you could be? Sleep will give you this shift in mindset. So if you are a grump, look at your sleep patterns. If you don’t want to do this for you, do it for those around you who have to put up with this grumpy version of you.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  24:38


One of the best ways to manage through chaos is to anchor yourself in routine. Schedule regular exercise, which has well-documented mental health benefits. Try taking up a regular meditation, if you haven’t already — there truly is no time like the present. Try eating a clean diet, and developing good sleep habits, as these will also offer a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being. It is so important, now more than ever, to start taking your daily MEDS. With regular work and patience, these nourishing, focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energised states of mind. Such experiences can have a transformative effect on your quality of life.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  25:44

Our bodies and minds are interconnected. If you are feeling mind fog or struggling with a terrible mindset, and you are not taking care of your body, you are going to struggle. You need to make tweaks in your lifestyle to bring your body and your mind into alignment to repair your mindset. It’s such a hard balance but it is possible by taking your MEDS.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  26:17

So now is the time to take your MEDS and engage in activities that preserve and maintain YOUR physical, emotional, and mental health. It is time for shift in your mindset. Now is a great time to learn to make this a daily part of your life. Learn to centre yourself every single day. It’s an ongoing commitment to look after yourself and your mindset. This will make it easy for you to ride the storm of any future ups and downs. Learn to take good care of you now!! Because you are worth the effort. Always have been and always will be.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith  27:15

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of A Voice and Beyond. I hope you enjoyed it as now is an important time for you to invest in your own self-care, personal growth, and education. Use every day as an opportunity to learn and to grow so you can show up feeling empowered and ready to live your best life. If you know someone who will also be inspired by this episode, please be sure to copy and paste the link and share it with them. Or share it on social media and use the hashtag a voice and beyond. I promise you I am committed to bringing you more inspiration and conversations just like this one every week. And if you would like to help me, please rate and review this podcast and cheer me on by clicking the subscribe button on Apple podcast right now. I would also love to know what it is that you most enjoyed about this episode and what was your biggest takeaway. Please take care and I look forward to your company next time on the next episode of A Voice and Beyond.