Voice Training

Marisa believes every singer is unique and lessons are structured around the individual needs of the student in a one on one lesson scenario. Her specialisation is across a broad range of contemporary commercial music (CCM) styles, which includes pop, rock, rhythm and blues (R&B), metal, Indi, country, rap, funk, and musical theatre. Regardless of the student’s musical preference, the approaches that Marisa employs are designed to produce an authentic vocal sound specific to style.

Marisa’s private studio has an eclectic student base, attracting students who are mostly professional or making the transition from the studio into the professional world. Whether Marisa is working with vocalists who are writing and recording their own original music or singing covers, her teaching is dedicated to the development of technique, vocal health and performance elements, employing a non-judgemental student focused approach, with the objective of creating a sustainable and proficient sound. Students are instructed in basic voice management, and specific style-based techniques while exploring elements of style building on existing vocal strengths. Marisa’s works with her students to produce a professional level of performance in order to meet demand scenarios, typical of today’s music markets.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith
Dr Marisa Lee Naismith

Students are trained on how to maintain optimum vocal health, creating an appropriate practice regime and understanding basic physiology relevant to a particular style. All these elements are dictated by the objectives, experience, maturity and needs of the individual student. Marisa can assist with audition preparation, remedial work after vocal injury, developing safe vocal habits prior to touring, how to produce a particular sound sustainably for a recording session, prevention of vocal fatigue, loss of range etc. for the gigging singer.

Marisa is dedicated to the excellence of all things singing, and is personally invested in guiding her students’ for successful performance outcomes and to achieving their vocal ambitions. For this reason, Marisa has an open door policy and will always welcome an opportunity to be of service or to mentor one of her students, not only while they are in regular lessons, but whenever they are in need of professional industry support.


Marisa introduced me to the world of singing as a young teen and without her positivity, encouragement and guidance, I absolutely wouldn’t be where I am today. Marisa gave me the confidence to perform and use my voice and quite literally found me my passion. In our lessons as a young teen, she would always tell us to just go for it! She was always so supportive when we came off stage as well and even if we didn’t think we did a good job, it was never ever met with any negativity. She was always smiling and ready to give us a pat on the back!

I always found Marisa incredibly supportive and am always grateful to her for getting me into teaching and giving me yet another portal to channel my passion and energy into!

Now that I own my own studio, a lot of Marisa’s values are what I strive to continue pursuing each day. The main ones being her energy, enthusiasm and kindness. You can’t be in Marisa’s presence and not feel inspired, motivated and happy!

Marisa is a fantastic mentor and has helped me immensely in my adult years as a vocal coach and business woman. She is always ready with words of advice, ideas, encouragement (as always!) and support. For this, I am forever grateful.

I feel absolutely honoured to have had (and continue to have) Marisa as my mentor.

Danielle Lo Passo, Director of Vocal Adrenaline Performing Arts

I have known Marisa for some 15 years now. Marisa was my first singing teacher and much more. She is someone I look up to as a leading business woman and singing teacher. Her wisdom and knowledge is amongst the highest levels. She is positive, kind, knowledgeable and resourceful. I couldn’t recommend Marisa enough for singing lessons or professional development or business coaching. She’s a true mentor.

Marisa will help you sing in your own voice, with ease. She will accentuate your strengths and provide you with tools to develop your singing abilities.

Thank you Marisa for all that you do and all that you’ve helped me with.

Amela Duheric, Founder and Director at Nightingale Singing Lessons

Marisa Lee played a fundamental part in the progression of my performing arts career.

I began seeing Marisa a few years into my career after suffering from massive doubt in my talents due to some bad industry experiences. Marisa not only allowed me to see and trust in my talent as a vocalist, but she helped me to nurture it as well. Above all of that, Marisa’s emotional and career mentoring and support gave me the confidence I needed to pursue the successful career I had dreamed of.

I have no doubt that it is because of Marisa and her vocal and career coaching that I was able to achieve major career highlights. She is kind, encouraging, supportive and has some serious fashion sense. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emily Graham, Village Roadshow Theme Parks and former singer at Universal Studios Singapore

I have been very fortunate to have Marisa as my vocal coach, mentor and friend since 2014.

I first attended her private voice studio for a year prior to successfully auditioning for the Bachelor of Popular Music Program at Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. Marisa remained my sessional voice teacher throughout my time as a student and continues to provide support on a per needs basis.

Marisa has provided invaluable support and guidance through her vocal instruction, mentorship and through various musical opportunities. She is a strong teacher who brings out your best. I always enjoy her teaching methods, insights and of course, her infectious laugh!

She has an incredible work ethic, and an impeccable attention to detail as she strives for excellence in her students.

For my upcoming single and debut EP release, Marisa has been actively involved in my pre-production vocal training. She always listens to what I, as an artist, am hoping to convey which I greatly respect and admire.

Marisa offers an up to date professional and personalised experience, a must when learning how to utilise a delicate instrument such as the voice.

After working with Marisa for a number of years, I learnt not only how to sing at an exceptionally high standard but how to become a more versatile and confident performer.

Stewart Reeve, Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant

I had the pleasure of having Marisa be my vocal tutor during my Musical Theatre training on the Gold Coast, and remained her student after my formal studies. Marisa completely understands the mechanics of the voice and how to strengthen each individual student’s talents and capabilities.

She was able to broaden my range considerably to become a strong Mezzo Soprano with great clarity, be able to transition from chest, mix and head voice seamlessly and a focus on articulation. Marisa was able to train me to be quite versatile with my voice and focused on both a legit Musical Theatre sound and a more contemporary pop style.

I would highly recommend her if you wish to take your sound and vocal health seriously. I have since gone on to work professionally for the past decade performing in theme parks, musical theatre, corporate events, and performing at sold out shows at Adelaide Fringe, Midsumma, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Fringeworld Perth and now focusing on Pop Music releasing on all streaming platforms. Couldn’t have done it without Marisa’s exceptional training and she is also an absolute joy to work with as she is effervescent, encouraging and kind.

Ashley Rose, Cabaret Performer
I was introduced to Marisa Lee through a close friend back in New Zealand. She had such great things to say about her talent as a vocal coach and her experience and professionalism.
My time with Marisa was invaluable. I learnt to control my voice, broaden my range, and I was encouraged to step outside of my comfort zone and aspire to new ranges and genres.
Her development and vocal coaching helped me to prepare for auditions, and during that time I gained a minor role in a musical in New Zealand and a major role in a theatre restaurant.
Marisa is an incredible teacher. She has such an extensive range of skill to offer, she is genuine and so inspiring and has a knack for conducting difficult lessons in a way that is super understandable and achievable. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her and will always cherish her amazing lessons!
Thank you so much Marisa for helping me grow and giving me confidence!
Petra Leonard, Former Student

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