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The twentieth century gave rise to an immense landscape of contemporary commercial music (CCM) styles, facilitated by the unprecedented acceleration of music technology and cross-cultural globalisation.

As the CCM landscape continues to flourish, singing teachers are being challenged to develop new expertises, faced with students who want to be vocally fluent and artistically expressive in a particular CCM style or across a broad range of styles. CCM teachers have had to navigate their way through the landscape of CCM styles in the current music market due to the lack of any systematic pedagogical framework to guide their teaching approaches.

This book is the first to offer a preliminary framework. Developed through the perspectives and experiences of nine eminent pedagogues in the field of CCM singing voice pedagogy, it serves as a practical guide to support the academic- and practitioner-based community of singing teachers and voice professionals.

Singing Contemporary Commercial Music Styles




In 2019, Marisa was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy from Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, based on her investigation into the emerging field of Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) singing voice pedagogy. As a result of her research, Marisa was able to identify a foundational framework for the training of singers across the broad range of CCM styles. Find out more about Dr Marisa Lee Naismith’s doctoral research studies in her upcoming book.

Dr Marisa Lee Naismith has co-authored a journal article for the Journal of Singing with Doctor Irene Bartlett which featured in the January/December 2020 publication titled: An Investigation of Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Voice Pedagogy: A Class of it’s Own..

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Journal article

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Dr Marisa Lee Naismith presenting for the Voice Foundation 2020 – Navigating Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Styles: A Foundational Singing Voice Pedagogy.